The Whatcom Investing Network (called WIN) is a group of local citizens Committed to making investments that reflect their values and promote sustainability and community development.

Why local investing?

  • Build a prosperous, resilient and sustainable economy in Whatcom County.
  • Nourish personal relationships with vital small business owners in our area.
  • Transform profits from big banks into resources for local businesses and earnings for local investors
  • Directly encourage the types of business you want for the future.

We followed the lead of the Local Investing Opportunities Network (LION) in Port Townsend, WA and have adopted their procedures and forms.  LION and WIN both value personal relationships between borrowers and lenders.

Since our founding in June 2011, our members have loaned almost $700,000 to 10 local businesses.

WIN is an inclusive network of friends and everyone is welcome!